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Bill Fulton

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Little Rock, AR


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Motivational Speaker:
Bill Fulton is a well-known speaker/entertainer performing at trade shows, conventions, sales meetings, dinner banquets, hospitality suites, colleges and universities, educational meetings and charity events.  His motivational speaking is accentuated with entertainment and comedy, keeps the attention of his audience, and delivers his point in a unique and entertaining way.

His speeches are jammed with audience participation, humor, mystery and content.  His performance is perfect for groups looking for a very entertaining program with a powerful message.  As an educator, he will deliver solid skills that translate directly into self improvement.  As a motivator, he will show how the content of his remarks can be applied to your personal and professional life.

Your meeting attendees will be delighted when they suddenly realize the speaker at your meeting is actually an entertaining motivational presenter with a talent to energize people.  Your guests will laugh, cheer, and get excited, as Bill magically delivers your meeting messages through a powerful combination of comedy, amazing entertainment, and lots of audience participation.  Bill will make your messages and your event memorable.

Some Speaking Topics:
Setting Goals and Taking Action, Dealing with Change, Volunteering is Good for You, Team Building, Using Your Business Hunches, Reading People, Stress Management, Conflict Management , Becoming a Leader, and Living Your Dreams.

Bill will guarantee satisfaction with his performance or he will refund one-third of his performance fee excluding his costs incurred in tailoring his performance for your organization. 

Speaking and Entertainment Presentation:
Bill's speaking purpose is to make people feel better. He wants people to relax and laugh.  His performance is crisp, fast-paced, humorous and wholesome.  Each speech is tailored to the your audience.

He entertains during his talk by performing some mysteries of magic.  He reveals the thoughts of members of the audience, predict future events, duplicate drawings or words that he has not seen, reveal words selected from a book by an audience member, and predicts the times of any event chosen by audience members.  Each of his mysteries has a direct bearing on his message.

Although his entertainment appears to be impossible to normal people, they can be accomplished by the use of psychology, communication skills, and paying attention to people and their responses to others.

He makes the audience the stars of the show by teaching them how to do the impossible without making anyone feel uncomfortable.   See Testimonials.

Duty as a Speaker:
Bill does his homework and tailors his presentation to the needs and issues of the audience.  He connects with the audience through tales that make his points real and applicable.   He feels his responsibility is to challenge the audience to take a new look at how they do their business and live their lives.  He wants to inspire, energize and leave the audience excited about their future.

Email with your possible dates of your event, the type of performance (speaker, magician, and/or mentalist) that you desire, and your phone number.  It is best to book early giving Mr. Fulton at least a month notice.

For an Estimate of Fees, call (501) 663-9380 before 7 P.M. with the following information:
Your name, Your address (street address, city, & zip), Phone Number with area code, Email address, Type of performance - speaker, magician, or mentalist, Expected number for the event, and  Date, time, and location of your event.  Mr. Fulton will have some additional questions for you before a fee can be estimated.

Bill grew up in North Little Rock, Arkansas, the son of a prominent doctor and nurse.  His educational background is in psychology, philosophy, world religions and biological sciences.  He holds a Masters Degree in biology from the University of Central Arkansas.   Besides being a well-known science educator, he served on several state and national science education boards and has worked in the education field for over 39 years.  He is married and has grown children and grandchildren.  He is a past president of the local International Brotherhood of Magicians.

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Speech on the Key to Living Your Dreams

Workshop on Reaching Your Full Potential

Demonstration on Reading People and Their Needs

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Leadership Workshop

Arkansas Emergency Management Association

Business Leaders Workshop



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